Multiple single player users on the same computer

My son and I love the game, he plays on the family machine and I play on my laptop. My second son would like to play but from what I can tell there is no support for multiple user accounts within the game. Is there any plan to implement this or is there some kind of workaround? If not then it would be a really nice feature to have added.

the game stores your data in My Games … so if you login as a different user - you have different settings.

the game doesn’t have any facility to run multiple users from one user account because … well, windows provides multiple accounts these days. (about time)

I definitely 2nd the request for multiple users. I have 2 sons who are now GSB fans, and want to use my PC all the time. This would be great if you could implement it sometime. Much obliged.

sorry. i wasn’t clear.

There is already support for multiple users. GSB stores play data in the per-user directory that windows provides for each user. Log in as a different user, and you’ll start from scratch.