Multiple visual hardpoints

Hey all, i am just loving all the amazing gratuitous battles. The one thing i would like to see more of is ships with more “visual” hard points. the ones where you slap one laser on in the design screen but say three fire when your in battle. just wondering if some intelligent modding soul out ther ewould figure a way to add this to more ships.

it’s easy. well, technically, one hardpoint with multiple turrets doesn’t affect the gameplay, but it affects the visuals. anyway, you can find the instructions on how to do this on this thread:


Yep its pretty easy. You basically just have to add extra entries behind the module point type in the hull.txt file. Each entry done you add is another point where a turret will appear.

A correct module line will look like this…

1 = 128.00,140.00,TURRET,(108.00-140.00),(148.00-140.00),(128.00-140.00),

This entry will create a turret hardpoint at position 128 x and 140 y, and will create visual hardpoints, as you say, at each of the following points in parenthesis. As Hybrinoid said it won’t actually make the weapons more powerful, but it will of course make the ship’s level of fire look far more gratuitous.