Changing Iq and culture to not drop

Sorry, but I’ve been waiting to get on here and I’m gonna have a ton of questions!

I’ve tried to mod the game so that my character’s IQ and culture levels do not drop. I changed it to zero and it was still dropping and then I read a post where cliffski said to change it to 1.0 and then it waited a few days and dropped FOUR percent! What do I change it to so it doesn’t drop? Its practically impossible to keep your IQ at a high level and do anything else but maintain it.

Also, cryptics and crosswords does not show up at all in the game for me and the game is constantly crashing. Especially whenever I try to play chess or do anything with only one person.

make sure you have the latest patches. there were 2 bugs (1 when it crashed when someone invited you to play chess, and another where peoples jealousy in same-sex relationships caused a crash) which should now be fixed.
It might be that there is something in the game that had a hard coded drop, rather than using the value in config.txt, which would explain why the modding didn’t work.

Where do I find the latest patch and which version I have? Before when it was crashing, I just went and downloaded each patch I saw because I didn’t know which was the latest or which version I had. Then, the whole game wouldn’t even start and I had to reinstall it.

Here they are:
latest version is 1.21. It says your version at the bottom left of the main startup screen.

Ok, I downloaded the patches but I’m still having problems with IQ. How can I change it so it doesn’t drop?

you edit the file config.txt, the lines that say:




That should do it

I had changed it to 1.0 but then it waited a few days and dropped four percent!

Also, even with the patch, I’m still not seeing Cryptics and Crosswords available for purchase…

they are solo options if you read the serious newspaper. The cryptic one is only an option if your IQ is high (if I recall right).