Mutually exclusive manufacturing in non-advanced manufacture?

Which types of manufacturing and assembly are mutually exclusive? For example:

If a wheel manufacturing station is upgraded to alloy wheels, does it only make alloy wheels or both? I ask because the chip manufacturing stations appear to only make AI chips when upgraded. But, that is a advanced manufacturing process.

In my experience in only makes alloy wheels.

I think its the same for everything.

Upgrade to white seats - only produces white seats.
Upgrade to heated steering wheels - only produces that type.

I pretty much keep my production lines segregated by car class.

All the base models have base features.
So i can manufacture wheels next to this line.

Model 2’s all have five point wheels.
I have to import all those.

Model 3’s all have alloy wheels.
So i can manufacture alloy next to this line.

It seems the import conveyors have trouble filling spots when the same line switches back and forth, between, regular wheels, alloy, black etc.

They only way I have found to combat this is to build atleast 5 of the same car in a row. Then switch models. It seems to make the delays “somewhat” less per line.


Yes, I’ve also been watching the ‘right now’ storage at the workstations themselves, and noticed that having several variants of any one component causes resource exhaustion immediately, due to lack of space. I have been increasing my production schedules to 20 at a time, to see the impact. I may up that to 50 and see what happens.