Parts Manufacture - Ability to Manufacture "Older" Parts

Hello -

First time poster, played the game more hours than I ought to have and love it, with a few irritating bits here and there.

One of those bits is parts manufacture. Here’s the scenario – I have a completed research tree of folding/heated/regular wing mirrors, and some top-end cars that use the more premium mirrors. However, most of my cars are still using the regular budget wing mirrors. Unfortunately, when I’ve upgraded the “Make Wing Mirror” station with the heated / folding techs, it can /only/ make heated and folding wing mirrors, and no longer produces the basic wing mirrors my budget and mid-range cars are using. Therefore, when I set my “Install Wing Mirror” stations to “Local Only” they hurk out and never get the wing mirrors they need, because none of my manufacturing stations can make them.

I suppose an easy fix for this is just have all my cars everywhere have really swanky wing mirrors :V. Alternately, I could keep track of two different lines of wing mirror manufacturing stations. However, it seems reasonable that in an actual factory, a station that can create a more-advanced version typically also could create the less-advanced version of a given component. Therefore, would it be possible to have wing mirror and/or other multi-tiered component stations work based on either some sort of recent demand ratio calculation or an explicitly set ratio?

If this has been addressed before, sorry. I tried poking around and didn’t see anything.

Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

Interesting suggestion.
I did the “multiple production slots” in the past.
Having it all in one station and still working out would make sense.
Maybe even as a tech you have to research like “Multi purpose parts manufacturing” or something like that in the Advanced Produktion research tree…?

Sounds like a plan to me.

If a tech was created under Advanced Production called something like you propose, it could operate much like the production line scheduling on the Front Axle slot – just say “produce this type of part N times, then produce this other type Y times”. That, at least, wouldn’t be a departure from current gameplay / implementation.