My 260 cars per hour factory in 1.11

Note: No longer as productive in 1.12 with all the new parts

I have managed to build a factory that can pump out 260 cars per hours (more than 2 cars per second in 1.10)

Where it all starts, 10 axle lines pumping out cars. This section of the factory goes from axle to hood fitting

After the axle section the line splits 3 different areas.

There are 10 of these Trunk to Vent lines each of the below sections are replicated 2 more times across the factory

Door section

Paint sections

Engine section and accessories section up too seats

from there the three lines come back together, for windshields, AC, electronics, and inspection. Afterwards they head to 13 exporters

Big (1.68 MB)

Good job. 10/10. I like it.

…but two questions. 1. Why don’t you have enough power plants? Those save you money by taking the load off paying for electricty off the grid, instead you pay up front for all the power the generator ever makes, plus the employee’s wage to run the machine.

  1. Why don’t you do any parts manufacturing? Those save you money again by having you pay for the cost of the raw material instead of the cost of the complete part, plus a little bit for power (which you can build power plants reduce again) and employee wages. Way cheaper in the long.

Of course, the answers may be moot with all the production you do have going on. At that speed you could provide enough cars for everyone on Earth twice over by the end of the year.

Edit: Did the math, that’s only 2,277,600 cars per year, which means it would take you four thousand(?) years to sell everyone currently alive a car.


to answer your questions…

Power plants: I just haven’t gotten around to building more power plants, its fairly repetitive and annoying to build them on mass. I also rip out many of them when i build the axle lines in the middle of the plant.

Saving money is a little pointless for this save. There is nearly $1B in cash (my revenue amount has overflown) so it is not really a motivation.

Manufacturing This map just doesn’t have the capacity to do more. Also… don’t need to save the money

This is truly impressive. I am very interested to know your thoughts on 1.12, regarding the new components. Hopefully these make factories this size a more interesting challenge?
My intention is definitely to push people towards manufacturing by adjustments to the sales model.

Thanks :slight_smile:

1.12 did really mess up this factory and will be starting over again. I built it on the bases of no more than 4 components to a car (except windows). That way you can keep 4 cars worth of stuff at each machine and make it possible for the importers to keep up.

But that being said… I think 1.12 is a good thing, more realistic. It will require much more planning (I really wish for late-game there was the ability to to move/place import slots and edit floor designs.) which I think what makes the game fun. With this factory, once I figure out my groupings and how many of each is needed it was pretty much just building the same line again to make it faster. For this factory I built the east line first, then the west line with improvements I figured out in the from my first line, and finally the north-south line is pretty much a copy. I was considering redoing my first line to match but now we have 1.12

I like the sales model idea, however, can I recommend maybe making a sandbox mode that has no money for people to build things like this factory… As a side benefit this will also kind of mitigate the overflow issue that this one has.
Especially with this update I think I’m going to change my tactics to add upgrades more slowly, instead of all at once.

BTW, are you still doing the video dev blogs? I really enjoyed them

I thought of a possible solution to that.
UI / Converyor / Map

I was away at GDC for a week, then ill, but now I’m back and will be making one on Saturday/Sunday :smiley: