Feedback after first game

I think this is an awesome start! Even without any defined challenges, I found the gameplay surprisingly compelling. I kept track of my thoughts during my first play-through and wanted to share what I was thinking:

So I’ve played one game to the full research level on the small factory, and here’s my feedback:

  1. I’d like to do less clicking - more buttons on the main screen, fewer options hidden behind windows. For instance, I’d like to be able to upgrade slots from their details window, and not have to go to a sub “upgrades” window. The
    “configure imports” window the same thing - can you collapse those checkboxes into the slot details window instead of a separate popup?
  2. I had trouble getting my importers to balance - I found that if I connected two of them to one network, they didn’t balance well and one of them was usually overloaded - so I split my conveyors into separate networks
  3. Which leads to this next feedback: the green overlay for resource conveyors is only active during building. I myself ‘building’ on top of an existing resource conveyor and holding it down just to see the green overlay so I could check that my networks didn’t connect
  4. Build price is displayed and charged even if building over an existing conveyor. Resource conveyors are not charged again if building over an existing one.
  5. I liked the efficiency window, and I referred to it to figure out if my changes improved things as a whole but it wasn’t great as a diagnostic tool - I couldn’t for instance find all of the slots that were reporting ‘no export room’ or ‘waiting for next slot’ so I could easily identify bottlenecks - I found those by letting the system run and stabilize and then looking for where the cars were backed up.
  6. When placing new slots that I had never used before, it was often hard to tell where the stockpile for that slot was - it’s the only empty square, but that’s not very visually distinct - I found I had to zoom in a lot to find it. And when a slot has an import and export (the ones that create resources from raw materials) it was impossible to tell which was which before placing it. At the moment, money is easy enough to make that creating and deleting is not a problem, but it’s still not ideal.
  7. As a first time player, I didn’t know how things fit together, and I lost several games because my slots were ‘backwards’ or too far away /close to each other. And deleting a slot even when paused only returns a fraction of the purchase price. Maybe selling should return full price if the game is paused and the slot has never been active?
  8. The slots list on the left and the slot windows feel very clunky for 2017. This game may be a strategy game, but it plays more like Sim City when building. RTS games also manage large lists of buildings/units - maybe look to those for GUI inspiration? I guess I expect both a top and bottom bar with information, and either a left or a right bar too.
  9. When removing resource conveyors I often right-clicked on the wrong spot - and the demolish tool doesn’t help either. Maybe have the square highlighted when demolish is active?
  10. To cancel my currently selected slot (for instance to stop building conveyors) I found myself using right-click, which sometimes had the side effect of removing something important! Is there a hotkey for going back to the select tool (I tried esc and space)?
  11. Need undo or some other way to fix the “Oops, I just deleted an important slot” or “Oops, I just right clicked somewhere and deleted something, but I lost my mouse and don’t know what I deleted” problem.
  12. There’s an issue with the “Make Windows” slot - it keeps telling me “Insufficient resources” even though it says it has 14 Glass in stock - I can provide a savefile if that would help debug.

In case this comes across as critical, let me say it again: This game is Awesome!

I totally agree, this is my main gripe with the current research window and upgrades.

Re: UI / Converyor / Map

yeah there are quite a few suggestion threads about adding a better demolition selection tool

One of the main reasons not to collapse the upgrade options into the existing details screen for a slot is the potential for the upgrades list to get much bigger, thus making that window very large, especially for players on laptops in 128x768 res. Don’t forget that not all the tech upgrades are in the game now. I can easily imagine slots with >15 upgrades in the final game.

I do have a lot of sympathy with the idea of having the green conveyor GUI visible at all times that the conveyor belt placer is selected, which I think would be a good compromise. I’ll look not doing that for 1.13 because I suspect its easy :D.

At all you are right: The game must be playable even on the lowest resolution. But why putting all the stuff either in a single window or into popup windows and ignoring the third way? The compromise would be to split the slot window into several tabs as mentioned here.

The tabs would allow to stay on specific information while the game continues but will cut in half the necessary clicks to fully upgrade a new slot.
So please keep the upgrade selection as it is but make a a tab (that will stay open after purchasing an upgrade) to give a benefit to everyone.

Yup, tabs sounds like the ideal solution…

oh, I do like this change…but I was also talking about the research window, not just the upgrades

This point looks to be related to this bug report.
When loading the savegame attached to this bug report my first idea was that the primary or secondary source is not connected in any way to the slot and the other one that is connected to the slot would be the 3rd source. But this sounds a bit too simple …

Maybe it’s already fixed by the changes due to the FPS spikes and Resource Conveyor placing issue.