adding new jobs and skills

Hi everyone. I have been messing around with modding Kudos 2 but I have not seen anyone discuss modding jobs, evening classes or skills. Is it possible and how do you do it? I also wonder about adding projects like designing a game for a programmer or creating a piece of art etc. Also I use the megaminimod (thanks to all that contributed to it) but practicing music always causes the program to crash. Any thoughts?

Hi Xiaolaoshu!

I’ve performed some extensive modification of jobs/classes/skills/etc in my MegaMiniMod (viewtopic.php?f=18&t=4556).

I’ve gone into some detail about modding here:

Basically the text files (.CSV) in the “\Kudos 2\data\simulation” are the files you want to alter (always keep a backup of files BEFORE altering them, just in case :p). They’re well named, so jobs are “jobs.csv”, group activities are “social_events.csv”, personal activities are “solo_activities.csv”.

Each line of the text file will be a different job/activity, so if you want to add or remove jobs/activities then you just need to add or remove lines. Editing the files with a good CSV program will GREATLY assist you with understanding the files (Excel 2010 should work, or a good free one can be found here: )

Let me know if you get stuck and I’ll see what I can do to help :slight_smile:

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Also what instrument were you using when practicing music? I haven’t noticed any music-related bugs :\ Are you currently working as a musician?

SomeGuyInABikini, playing with SpeakToIt. Fun!

I had been already tweaking things in the simulation folder and config file. I do use csved (almost problem free compared to notepad or excel). I can’t find anything that lets you add/change callevents like found under develop theory or investigate a story; I’d like to add some projects like art or recipe design or something.
As for the instruments, every time I do practice piano or practice guitar solo activities the game crashes. I ended up just taking them as evening classes. Speaking of evening classes, you say I can just add them no problem? What about adding skills? I see the new skill csv but all I see are name and degrade (?) number. Can I just chain in skills there?
Also, nice job on the mod and thanks to all who contributed to it.