My noob suggestions

I just bought the game and I’m loving it. I’m a big fan of Space Empires IV and tower defense games so this is a perfect fit for me. I have a couple suggestions, though, that I think would add to the game. I haven’t read the previous posts so maybe this is all repeat, and if so, I’m sorry.

  • Keeping track of your individual best scores on each map. One thing I like about tower defense games is trying to best my previous scores. Similar to the online scoring system, a list of your personal best 5-10 scores per map, per race, would add longevity to the game I think. It could be your highest honor for that map.

  • Provide more data on the summary screen after the battle. I’m a data whore, and I’m willing to bet that most people who buy this game are. It would be nice to receive more data about the battle than what is currently provided. I would like to be able to click on a weapon module and see how much damage it did individually (in numeric form, not %) during the battle. Similarly with defensive modules- how many missiles did a point defense gun take out etc. How long did a ship last before it was destroyed, it’s position on the map, and what it’s orders were.

Does any one else want more data, and if so, what would you like to see?

Thanks for the game, it’s great.

I actually rather like having to slow the game down and pay attention to the on screen graphics when I’m collecting data on how things work, what they do, and so on. If the post game just told me all that, I wouldn’t have as much reason to admire the weapon FX.

This already exists, sort of. On the mission select screen, if you mouse over the different difficulty markers (that show up when you’ve won on that difficulty) it says what you best honour was on that map at that difficulty (it’s not per race though.)

This would be awesome. It’s all well and good to crunch the numbers when designing your ship… It’s another thing entirely to find out whether, in practice, x weapon module is working out better for you than y.

For sure, I’d love to be able to see how well my point defense is performing. For example, I get the feel that the missile guidance disruptor is better than point defences, but maybe I only think that because the missiles look so pretty when their guidance goes crazy :smiley:

I find this highly amusing. I proved that the missile guidance disruptor works better in the course of beating one of your challenge missions! (The one with the massive wall of missiles behind a fighter screen). I couldn’t beat it using point defense, but the guidance disruptor did the trick.

Ahh, well, it’s a happy coincidence. Both looks cooler AND works better.

By the way, both the challenges I have up at the moment involve walls of missiles and fighter screens, although they’re VERY different style to each other :smiley: (One was designed to smash one particular ‘anti missile’ fleet by 100% by simply taking the wall of missiles approach to it’s most violent extreme, while the other is a more light footed experiment with retreating ships.)

It was the one with the retreating ships. I wanted to make fast knife-fighting ships that could rush the line, but then the whole line retreated, firing the whole time!

I was hoping I’d give a few people a ‘wtf’ moment playing that challenge. I’m guessing you were one of them :smiley: