Several suggestions

After playing the game for some time I have a few suggestions for improving the game. Some (most) of them have probably been mentioned before, but in that case consider this post another vote for them.

  1. Auto-save deployment

I know you can save and load deployments in the Deployment screen, but it is easy to forget to save before starting a battle. An auto-save when clicking the Fight button would help.

  1. Self-destructing Missiles

I don’t mind that a missile launcher can only have one salvo in the air (space) at a time but it is annoying that after missiles have missed their target they still hold up said next salvo. It might be nice to have them self-destruct after they miss.

  1. Battle feedback

During a battle I would like some feedback on the status of enemy ships. It would be nice to (after clicking on them) see their shield/armor/hull status. I am not looking for absolute values, but to see the percentages like in the after battle report would be nice.

  1. Escort nearest ships

Sometimes I deploy multiple cruisers and want each of them escorted by several frigates and/or fighters. Currently I can select several ships at the same time and have them escort the same ship with one command, but I still have to repeat this per cruiser. An Escort Nearest Ship shortcut might streamline the deployment phase a bit.

  1. Taskforces

Another way to prevent you from doing duplicate work during the deployment phase would be the ability to copy/paste (save/load) groups of ships with all their orders and relative positions

  1. After battle report

In the after battle report it might be better to show your destroyed ships in red. This way you have a better (one look) overview about how your fleet performed.

thoughts on these?

p.s. Technical info

I liked the post in the ‘[1.11] Weapon tracking speed doesn’t make sense’ thread with in-depth technical info about how tracking speed works. It would be nice to get more info like that about other facets of the game

Cliffski has mentioned that he will be working on visual damage indicators so expect more shield effects to more accurately gauge how the battle is going without using health bars or something.

You can deploy lots of the same ship with mass deploy and you can save orders for ship designs though no way to deploy groups of ships.

The battle report does need a bit of work…