My own duel?

Is there any way to duel my own ships with eachother without buying game twice?
Like… I have two squads of interceptors and want them to fight eachother? I know you can do this by getting game twice - one on laptop and another on PC, than making a challenge and try them this way, but it’s… waaaaay too time-taking.
Am I missing something?

One Word: Modding
I regually pit my own designs against each other to find the ultimate combination of weapons and ships to place in my mod.

Head over here and you will find that this game is REALLY easy to mod

Or you can issue a challenge to yourself, and then play it. This way you only need one computer.

The game is not only easy to mod, but safe. The game is designed to recognize new hulls, modules, and scenarios that get plugged in, like in expansion packs. So you could say that the game was designed to be moddable.

knightofni hit the nail on the head. Issue a challenge to yourself (the last screen gives you the option to challenge a specific username or “all”). Then, switch your display to “Show Personal” and it will pop right up. Download and you’re ready to battle yourself!

Don’t know what Modding has to do with any of this, though.

you can make your own scenarios. Its harder than issuing a challenge to yourself, but there are tons of other things you can do.

All he wanted to do was have some of his own ships battle each other. The challenge mechanism is, by an order of magnitude, the easiest way to do that.

Mods are for people who don’t like the current ships and weapons available, for whatever reason, and feel the need to tweak the game so it plays more in the style that they prefer. But mods basically remove you from the community, and leave you playing against yourself.

The guy basically asked how to start the car, and you all started telling him how to rebuild the engine.

To put it another way: “When all you want to use is your hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.”

I guess that all depends on your skillset. I find it easier to change around a text file than to submit a challange online. But again that is just me. Please note that i did not say its the only option - just the one that I used.

But yes the challange system is great for those that have a good internet connection and dont want to move files around.

I have to disagree with your rather broad statement about mods in GSB. Installing a mod does not mean that you dont like the orriginal content. I still use and enjoy the original content but i just have more variety to my game due to installed mods which add more races and do not touch the original content

However i know what you are refering to - yes there are mods in other games that change / overhaul / corrupt the original content but in the GSB community they are few and far between.

As for the generalised statement about mods remove you from the community, again i disagree - there is no logical reason for a mod to remove you from the online community - You can play mods across the challange system (both users have to have them installed) and since a majority of the mods do not change the original content it does not effect the online challanges.

Again it comes down to what the person is comfortable with . . I gave the option i was comfortable with. You have suggested the method you prefer - there is no right or wrong answer, the only outcome we shoud be woried about is that Sky_walker has a answer that he can use.

a)It does not remove you from the community. There is a modding forum. It has more topics and posts in it than the Challenges and Tournaments forum, which is I guess the main point of the game.
b) I agree with darkstar, you don’t necessarily not like the current ships and such. Thats like saying you picked up a dollar bill you found on the street because you didn’t like all of your other dollar bills. The more the merrier, thats what modding is, not all “the original game sucks, I’m going to change it”. That can happen and if that does, fine, not my or your problem. But saying that in general modding comes from a dislike of the existing units is, I’m sorry, just plain wrong.
c) Cliff has moved on from GSB. That means no more exapansion. So if you play the original content long enough, it gets boring, and you want new content, well… Just take a look here.

Lol I thought the only active community is the modding community. Competitive online play has been dead for a long time.

There are quite a few challenges posted every day. Not all of them are perfect, but they all represent a new set of conditions, designed by a human, and some can be quite enjoyable. Maybe it’s not officially competitive, in that no one is officially keeping score, but I don’t think that means that “the modding community is the only active community”.

ahem cliff is also a human, you know… :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed. Although all I meant is that they are not computer-generated (as is the case with many other strategic space games).

ah, I see :slight_smile:

I do think that the human-generated aspect contributes a lot. Some are worse than the fleet a computer AI would generate, while others are quite a bit better.

In the campaign, however, what sinks you is not so much the composition of the fleets you fight, as their size and the speed with which they attack you.