My sub 2 seconds per car factory

I have manage to build a factory that can keep 4 upgraded export bays busy. My current limiting factor is the number of valves I can deliver. I had a solution in 1.05 but it broke in 1.06 with changes on how imports and manufacturing works…

I build the factory based on the concept of 4 lines each taking no more than 8 seconds, everything is fully upgraded. The body area and chassis are the expedition to this. but everything seems to be working fine. The whole factory runs of 18 import bays

A simple two line setup… might add another if needed.

A hybrid 3/4 line… I was limited by the width of the space

4 identical lines… each painter feeds into 3 drying sections

once again 4 line setup

once again the 4 line setup


if anyone would like i’ll upload the save file… just waiting for 1.07 so i can make money again

Having issues selling cars? I had just about every export slot busy which was about 8 or 9 and well over 100 million. after 1.06 I kept going bankrupt. Even new games fail now after a while. No more mega factory until 1.07 and hoping its not worse.