My suggestions after "finishing" my first factory

So my biggest problem is right now, is once you’ve overall finished your factory, thats kinda it (took me 8 hours to complete my first small factory). Yeah sure theres the A.I. thats keeps encouraging you to develop your cars more and add more features. But eventually theres a limit and you’re just sorta satisfied with what you got and want to move on. Heres the problem, theres no way to move on past this point, if you want a bigger factory, you have to start COMPLETELY overall, including all the money you earned, and all the technologies you researched (this is my biggest complaint).

If you look at Prison Architect, they counter this problem by allowing you to sell your prison once it meets a certain criteria. Selling the prison gives you all the money it took to build it and more, and then you can use that money to build a completely new and bigger (and hopefully better) prison.

I think something similar needs to happen here. Once you’re happy with your factory, you should be able to “sell” it. You get either a partial or complete refund of all the money you spent building the factory, you keep all the extra money you earned, you get extra money based upon the efficiency of the factory, and you also (most importantly imo) keep all your research.

Maybe this could be coupled with some sort of “multi-factory” mode where you can manage multiple factories simultaneously after you buy a whole new factory.

Writing this after I just ‘finished’ my first factory (a small one after 8 hours), I’ve jammed pack every space, yeah the “rival companies” is slightly encouraging me to upgrade my cars, but not enough to rebuild entire sections of the factory (doesn’t help there isn’t some sort of mass bulldoze feature either). I’d rather just have a new empty factory but keep all my research (and some extra money preferably).

I just wanted to say I would love this as a feature as well. Even if your not “finished” with your factory, if you screw something up royally and want to start over…its just that…start over. A sell function would be awesome.

I didn’t even think about the ability to manage two factories at once but that would work really well too. In the real world auto manufactures have different factories that build different cars, not all cars in one factory.

As far as managing multiple factories, thats kinda what I had in mind, having a different factory for each car. I mean its already pretty chaotic managing just one factory, so I imagine more than one would be insane, but juz an idea.

@CaptXan If you click and drag the demolish you can mass Demo sections. Took me a while to find it!