Need Feedback

I need feedback on a country i am working on for “Denmark”

And i also need help to make it so that at my income it says DK
instead of € as DK is the valuta in Denmark.

RAR Download: … +V+1.0.rar
ZIP Download: …
Any feedback is appreciated.

Can we get it in a .zip rather than .rar? Or ideally, prepacked in an installer?

You can install a .zip of this mod here: …

I’m not seeing it as an selectable mod. It might be user incompetence at my end, but I don’t believe that there’s been a file put into the main ‘mod’ folder to make it operational?

Hi, I found a few errors that are easily fixed:

  1. your danishnames.txt is empty, ti can’t be empty, the game will hang :smiley:
  2. you have a typo in the mission file where you say danishnamess.txt (two letters ‘s’)
  3. you need to include the full path there like this: names_file = “Danish Mod\data\names\danishnames.txt”

The reason it doesn’t show up in the list is you don’t have a ‘mod’ file put in the games ‘mods’ folder, so it doesn’t know the mod exists. You need a file called Danish Mod.txt to go in there. Read this stuff:

The DK as currency shows up fine :smiley:

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: