Need for a Political Game Path

Do you think Positech should create Inter-Sims, meaning game play decisions and advancements can be interrelatably exchange. As in a KUDOS character can run for President to then become the leader of DEMOCRACY, and a KUDOS char can live DEMOCRACY policy

  • I think its a great idea. Go Inter-Sims.
  • Maybe, give it a shot, see what happens.
  • I doubt it will be fun

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Once one reaches the end of a particular legal aspect, there should be some sort of ability to venture into politics, and the skills which one could use to gain political skill could be cultivated through the computer aspect and having dinner with ‘political’ friends, meaning that throughout the game, the character can search for Political personalities, along with the confident or the friendly personality types.

I almost thought that it would be inbred into the game since, democracy is your fellow creation. A marvelous idea is an interchangeability between becoming politically accomplished in KUDOS and then to transfer your characters’ personality, intelligence, ability, and connections into the Democracy game. Thus, the success of one game leads onto the platform of beginning the next game.

A fantastic inclination of this is that as one lives the KUDOS life, these ‘skeletons’ in the closet, such as numerous girlfriends, or bouncing in a seedy club, or unattractive politcal affiliation with other KUDOS individuals, or extreme legal connetions or cases, could then come out during the reign on Democracy to influence the characters popularity or even tendency to get re-elect. Such as a young life of too much clubbing and drinking may haunt the DEMOCRACY leader, when a lecherous female comes out to tell the tale of his debachery.

The mastery of one game, becomes the delightful transition unto the other.

If you could pull this off, the feat would put you in a realm greater than the SIMS people, greater than SIM city.

You would create for yourself a uniquely marketable genre. Interrelatable simulations. Inter-Sims.

The Inverse is to make your DEMOCRACY decisions influence the life of a KUDOS individual. Such as… allow a mid-term moment when the DEMOCRACY policies can be downloaded into the KUDOS simulation. At that moment suddenly, the price of education may go up or down, the amount of pay may go up or down, the price of meals, the price of the amount of taxes. Literally, everything in Democracy could influence everything everything in KUDOS. As to say to the player … now you may live out the policies instituted by the DEMOCRACY version of yourself to see just how you would like to be led by yourself.

Its fantastically brilliant. I want to play…

I really like this idea. I must find a way to do this sort of thing in future…

Okay, it seems that there is only one other game out there, so far as I could find, which allows one type of game to transfer data to another type of game. Headcoach can transfer its playbook into madden 2007. Okay, I have played headcoach and madden. Throughout Headcoach, you are merely the mind that organizes the plays but not the player on the field ever. Throughout, headcoach you are trying to build a masterful playbook to out game the other head coaches. Just thought I’d do some research for you to see if anyone had done something similar.

Also, in an interview with the Simcity creator he mentioned an idea in whicn a SIMCity could be uploaded into the game CIVILIZATION. If anyone has played, CIVILIZATION, as the leader of a nation, you control numerous cities, such as NEW YORK. Thus, the Sim People are trying to make it so that you could build up New York in SIM CITY and then upload the CITY into CIVILIZATION

You do realize this could be an endless process which creates an eternity of sequals.


Maybe this is precisely why they created the SIMS as a household, so that they could build this onward cycle. thus the SIMS could fit in SIMCITY, simcity could fit into CIVILIZATION. and i think they also did Alpha Centuri, so that CIVILIZATION could move onward to ALPHA CENTURI

It’s a pity that you never could bring Sim City cities into Civ, nor Civ into SMAC. However, they did have a helicopter simulator that would let you fly around your Sim Cities (the name escapes me at the moment)…

That said, with each generation of game, it grows easier, and at least one game coming up (Spore) will in effect cover several game transitions, while remaining a single game.

Still, it would be cool to set something like that up. It’s an interesting idea, really.

Cliff plz if you can do that ( which i know you can) just do it…it would be one of the greatest game ever…and how about a bit of animations!!!

I would buy Kudos just for this, if you managed it…