New 1.61 hull editor bug!

There are two bugs in the new hull editor.

First, the grid is now very strange… The upper left corner is at 0;0 (512;512) but the bottom right corner coordinate is 820;820 (-308;-308) with a centre of 406;406 (106;106)
What’s haoppening here?
Where is our old 512x512 grid? Or can we have a 1024x1024 grid? but definitely not a 820/820 grid with a centre at 406x406! Very un-intuitive to work with. :frowning:

Second, we can’t place damage emitters, went I try, they are placed elsewhere! (Where the old coordinate place them, actually…)

I’m fixing this. Also, 1.62 will allow you to set the size to whatever you want using
in config.txt
(but not below 512)

Another bug, ship editor hexagons were replaced by fed turrets xD

Also, i’m not sure if it was a coding error of my module or some kind of bug, but i was editing a hull in the ship designs screen and no matter what i was doing, i just could not replace a particular weapon for another in one. This happened with a single hardpoint, the rest were working fine.

I had to delete the ship design .txt and made a new one, this time worked fine.
Again, i’m not sure what was that, i’m reporting just in case :stuck_out_tongue:

hi, the showing of turrets is deliberate, because it allows you to place the ‘swivel’ point of the turret more accurately. As i recall I had that on a toggle hotkey, but cannot off the top of my head recall what it was…

Oh right, in a second thought, it is useful!