New Avatars

For those with the full version who have not clicked the ‘internet updates’ button, there are now 3 new avatars (plus a new person icon and 2 new jobs).
For those with just the demo who are wondering why there are no black avatars, there are 2 in the full-version internet extras.

I wonder when someones going to make a completly ‘silly’ avatar?

(As in different style people)
(And why does it seem your ignoring my questions about modding?)

Is there anyway for those of us who bought your game off of the Trygames website to get the “extras”? I would love to have access to any and all additional content. Had I known (or been smart) I would have downloaded it from your site directly but I discovered it at Trygames. Thanks in advance either way.

actually most of the ‘new’ avatars you see discussed are already in your version. All the existing avatars at the time of making the trygames version were bundled inside it.