New beta balance patch

We have pout together a new balance patch for the game in a special steam branch. More details are here: … mocracy-3/

Here is a list of the changes. Let me know what you think of them:

Version 1.26

  1. Unemployment now contributes towards obesity
  2. Increased impact of car usage on traffic congestion
  3. Increased base likelihood of a teacher shortage.
  4. Unemployment now reduces the chance of a teacher shortage.
  5. University Grants now increase the chance of a teacher shortage.
  6. Reduced impact of CCTV on Armed Robbery.
  7. Added impact of low inequality on Armed Robbery.
  8. Changed equation for GDP impact on Alcohol Consumption to be non-linear.
  9. Added impact on doctors and teachers strikes from trade union membership
  10. Adjusted impact of state school funding on teachers strikes.
  11. Added effect of wages on Teachers & Doctors Strikes.
  12. Added effects of science funding and the environment to contagious disease.
  13. Arts subsidies, Bus subsidies and community policing now reduce unemployment.
  14. Adjustments to triggers for various events.
  15. Increased impact of refugee crisis event.
  16. Effects of corporate exodus event worsened.
  17. Increased impact of Unemployment on CrimeRate.
  18. Impact of religion on antisocial behaviour now linked to membership, not frequency.
  19. Unemployment now linked to antisocial behaviour
  20. Trade union and Socialist group memberships now contribute towards general strike.

How does one update if we didn’t buy the game through steam? I am still stuck on 1.15 and I am curious to see if the crashing bug was ever fixed.

Hi, did you buy the game direct from us? if so, re-using your original download link will grab an updated copy of the game.