[New country] [Mods required] Dystopia


This is my first mod - Dystopia - initially I used it as test to see how bad things can be and how much time it will take to fix. Basically its test toy.
It took me around 10 - 15 years depending on difficulty level.
I used Pakistan’s flag, as I’m bad at art. Also I used USA names.

This country requires following mods for complexity and realism:
Celebis Complex Mod by Celebi
Cycling Infrastructure by MattJackson
Department For Education And Families by Elinor
Disasters and Emergency Situations Pack by Elinor
International Culture by francopc
LBGTQ Rights by Elinor
Monetary Policy by DanFir
More Policies by Ulq
Propaganda by jaco335
Economic Realism by Plankicorn
Religious Policies Pack by Guidrion
State Programs by jaco335

Dystopia.rar (442 KB)


Why no one is responding? I updated my test mission, now its much harder.


In my case, it’s because I disagree with some of the underlying mods you’re using - I don’t agree with some of the changes they make.


Well, some of these mods are WIPs, also you can always add overrides.