[New Country] The Republic of Finland [Work In Progress]


[size=200]Hello Democracy 3 modding community![/size]


I’m from Finland and I know Hedyx made a Finland mod but I want to make a more extensive effort on several parts here to try to replicate the republic of Finland in the game as accurately as possible in the fiscal year 2013.

I’m just going to gather some stuff and present some data here until serious work starts. In the meantime if you really just want to play Finland some there is Hedyx’ Finland.

Hedyx’ Finland country mod can be found at: http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=8337

If you want to post a policy idea for Finland here or help or something I would appreciate it.

I would appreciate any help with the configuration file below too!



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Just wanted to tell that I’m excited to play this once it’s finished. For policies I would suggest: Alchohol import regulation, State-owned companies, Elderly care, Religious holidays, Female conscription, LGBT rights, Fur farming, Referendums, Youth guarantee, Special education, Compulsory education age, Household service tax relief, Minimum wage and Notice period. Situations: High dependency ratio, Old boy network, Regional inequality and Social exclusion.

Well, seems that I managed to think quite many, I hope you can implement at least some of these.