New GTB battle image

Enjoy! (click to enlarge)

Oh my gawd! I love it!!! :smiley:

trying— to read---- low res text!!!

finds out that the image is click-able


clicks image


SPLAT <- mind blown

Two questions,

  • Will the fact that your fighting at night have any effect on targeting or LOS?
  • If there are Air units, will there be a way to disable them? Or at least have them as moer of a support role and keep the focus on land units? I hate it when you have to waste money and space on turrets that only shoot air.

At the moment night battles are purely aesthetic. Everyone has nightvision scopes in 2214, so nobody is at a disadvantage.
There are not currently plans for any air units in the game. rather than split units into ground / air types, it’s more a case of infantry & vehicles, with different approaches to deal with them.

are the spotlights a part of the map? a part of the defender’s forces? or something else?

most of them are static ones placed on the map design, but some units have them attached to their turrets.