GTB first video and new screenshots

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images: (they are too big for here, right click and view image for proper viewing)

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“comming soon(ish)” lol!

overall awesome video, cant wait to try out the game. i like the night vision feature.

one little thing that bothered me was the shockwave effects. they should be faster IMO.

It does LOOK COOL. I like the visible effects and what looks to be varying times of day.

Where I don’t care for tower defense games much, and this looks like a step in that direction, I’ll give the demo a try (assuming there will be one) based on my like of the way GSB has been fun for me.

My gawd, i just cant wait to play it… and mod it!! =D!!

Looks beautiful.

Completely different scenario, but very promising.
A sensible and good next step, methinks.

The whole feeling somehow reminds me of Warhammer 40K ground battles.

Which is a good thing.

Keep it up!

Okay, just got the mail, watched the video. I liked GSB, but it always felt like it lacked something to me. (Which was why I only took quick note of the first email about GTB, and didn’t immediately jump on it.) The TowerDefense approach you seem to be taking now could be just it for me. Also, Kudos for sliding up from 1914 to 2114 in that video - it’s not much, but it just seems right. Okay, I’d love it to have four player (or more, potentially) Coop, at least a possibility when playing Defense (hard to imagine on the attacking side), but I guess that would be too much to ask (I like TD, I like Coop. Currently, there’s pretty much one game satisfying both - Sol Survivor).

Also: Will you do a preorder/beta deal like with GSB? Because if you do - I want in. Not sure if I can provide a lot of beta feedback, time-wise, but I’d love to play the game right now, and I’d be willing to pay for it - plus, I’m not someone buying a game in beta and complaining that it is unfinished or bashing it on review sites. If something doesn’t work, I do provide feedback, but constructive, and right here.

I do plan on there being a pre-order beta thing just like GSB, at some point closer to release.

I love the night time battles :smiley: and the way turrets drop into the warzone tanks smoke from the barrel rising up is also really cool, lots of nice looking things in there cliff well done. I would also be interested in a paid/free beta testing!

Good, good. Technically, you could also do battle with both sides attacking along the paths. Kinda like Bugbits, or, probably better known, Swords and Soldiers. But I like the TD approach.
And as for GSB/GTB crossover. I just had a thought… whoa.

I was wondering if there would be some kind of interlocking of GSB and GTB, but I don’t think there will be. I just don’t see how it could work, and the “universes” aren’t compatible. I was thinking of how Breach 2 and Rules of Engagement worked together.

Yes I keep considering this, it might seema bit weird for units to effectively march past each other, but it might also be kinda fun. I’ll have to experiment. Tank v tank could be fun.

That sounds like a splendid idea.

While trading challenges was entertainig in Space Battles, actual live player versus player games in GTB would take the gameplay to the next level, and ensure long-time motivation.
I’d love trying out almost unlimited possibilies of customisation against my friends in real time!

GTB is still a singleplayer game, with asynchronous GSB-style challenges. Making a multiplayer real time game is almost impossible for one dev now, given the standards people expect from an RTS.
But GTB will be awesome fun. I’ve been editing some maps today, and although the GTB map editor isn’t as polished as it will be, it’s still not much work to design a new map. The longest delay is in making the fancy shadowmap, which you would have to make outside the game. I suspect I’ll ship a few generic ones for non-hardcore players to select.

Did you play Herzog Zwei when you were little?

Sadly, I have no clue about programming, but I guess the main problem would be creating a stable connection between players. Gameplay-wise, it’d come down to “which unit gets started on which lane (at what time)” - like Bugbits. And of course, for a both sides attacking gamemode, units would have to stop to shoot, when in range. (Or there would have to be melee modules of some kind.) - Which would in turn make starts across different lanes a tactical decision.

The difficult bit is definitely the netcode. It’s a full time job getting multiple clients to agree on what is going on, and that’s without even beginning to worry about people cheating.
I’d rather make a great singleplayer /asynch multiplayer (like GSB) game, than make an average or poor traditional multiplayer game :smiley:

Great video! I can’t wait to get the game. How many emails do you expect to get pointing out that the war announcement is by Chamberlain in 1939 not Lloyd George in 1914?

Looking forward to the release!

Lots, but there are better radio clips from 1939 :smiley:

Dayum think of the modding possibilities, i call 40k mod betatester!