New pets on the way... what do you think

Making the pets entirely data-driven (and moddable) is not as easy as I’d like, but I am making it easier for me to add some at any rate.
So what extra pet possibilities would you like to see?


I was just thinking of adding an extra 2 or 3 for now.

Parrots sound pretty cool. Would it be possible for owning some pets to increase your kudos? having a real life alligator would be pretty cool. But I guess it would make a bit of a mess…

The alligator is an entertaining idea, but maybe starting … eh … smaller with an iguana instead? ~lol~ Personally, I love reptiles, so it’s thumbs-up. And the hamster and the parrot for the rodent- and bird-lovers of the world are good, too.

I would vote Hamster. If you had all those I dont think it would stand a chance against an alligator.

They sound find, Cliff. But if the sound set for the parrot is a single comment repeated endlessly, I could see myself killing the thing and getting it stuffed for target practice. :wink:

Hamster would be a good choice although I’d personally like to have pet pirhana myself. You could invite your “friends” over to pet them.

yes I’ll have to redo the pet sound thingy as well. might be a few days at least.

I like the idea of a hamster.

Would give more than a goldfish but less than a cat or dog. Would cost less too

A monkey would be nice. Think of the disasters it could cause around the house. But I suppose owning one is illegal in England. It is in Australia.

I like cute furry animals so hamster for me. Any chance of having rabbits one day? I like rabbits. :smiley:

How about horses? I added a bunch of new jobs including barn help, equestrian trainer, and international rider. I added horse food and was just going to add horses and could not. :frowning: I was going to add local-bred gelding, and warmblood stallion.

How about adding some bugs, like a tarantula? Or maybe a rabbit? Or a big macaw

it would be cool to have horses, as they are such an expensive ‘pet’ to have. interesting idea.

I agree that could add a new form of game play such as transportation. The question is do many people in England have horses?

they do where I live, but not used for transportation, just recreation.

Horse-riding could be both a ‘relax alone’ option and a ‘socialise’ option. If you own a horse you could relax alone and even if you don’t you could pay to ride in a social event. Also you could add an horse-riding skill level in the same way as other skills. Maybe a high level could see you as a jockey or part of a show-jumping team.