New Ships

This is a sort of patch file for Starship Tycoon. It alters the default ships.

The four images are of a “Wolverine” from “Space: Above and Beyond”, a “Narn Heavy Cruiser” from “Babylon 5”, a “Constitution” class ship from “Star Trek: The Original Series” (essentially Enterprise NCC-1701), and the “Prometheus” from “Stargate: SG-1”.

When you click on this link, you want to save it into your …\Starship Tycoon\bitmaps\ folder. It will overwrite your current “” file, so you may want to make yourself a backup first.

I’ve thoroughly tested the file, and the only problem I’ve found with it is that the Narn Heavy Cruiser tends to flicker a bit on the screen, but that’s all. Otherwise they work perfectly.

If anyone has any trouble with the file, or has any comments, I welcome them. You can post them here, or email me at [ p k b r o (AT) c h a r t e r . n e t ](minus the spaces between the letters).

I would also be willing to take special requests–ie if someone wants a pure Bab 5 or Star Trek set, although I’m a little short on models. For example, I wanted a “White Star”, but couldn’t find a decent model anywhere. And while I’m a decent image editor, trying to create my own model is beyond my abilities. :unamused:

What’s ‘White Star’ from? I may be able to help…

  • Mike

The “White Star” is the official “Ranger” fighter ship from Babylon 5.

Have I got a site for YOU! It’s got 3D images of alot of B5 ships in a variety of sides - top, side, front… Perfect for ST! :wink:

  • Mike

Okay, well post it already!

Oh crapnuts, sorry!

  • Mike

Dude. Nice.