New Situation: Internet Crime [Removed]


This situation represents a high level of Internet crime - such a viruses, phishing and other forms of password theft leading onto identity theft and things of this nature - which will only occur when high levels of Internet Usage are present in your country.

This is a late-game situation which only comes into play when your Internet Usage score is very high (over 80%) and is reduced by high spending on Intelligence Services and any Internet Censorship or Taxation.

This is an attempt to extend game-life by having things that go wrong when you are doing well, and hopefully this situation is a good starting point that corresponds to current real-life trends.

Let me know if you have any comments, etc.

File removed because this has been superseded by offical release in version 1.11

If you had the mod installed you should probaby delete:
:arrow_right: internetcrime.txt from …\My Documents\democracy2\mods\data\situations
:arrow_right: from …\My Documents\democracy2\mods\data\bitmaps

Nice idea for a situation. I might try and get an icon done for it.

What do you think of this one: …

If you like it, and add it your zip, I can list this on the mods list if you want. If everyone likes it, and you don’t mind, we can add it to the games autoupdate.

Looks good to me!

Unfortunatly my artistic skill is poor at best and honestly after three or four attempts I gave up trying to get the stupid DDS files to save in the correct format so they would actually appear in the game properly.

New zip is attached and if the consensus is that it would be worth adding to the autoupdate then feel free to do so.

What’s you feeling on the balance? I was a bit unsure if maxing out Intellegence Services should be sufficent to prevent the situation ever arrising, or if it should require a little extra push to be sure to avoid it?

I played through a few terms with it just now. My feeling is that it is too hard to beat if your internet access is high. basically intelligence services needs to affect it more. I also had a lot of other ideas for it…
I think it should reduce GDP, because companies will suffer from cyber crime, costs of fighting spam etc. Also, it should be increased by the general level of crime to some extent (as criminals tend to expand into cyber crime) and maybe also influenced by organised crime.
I’m going to experiment with a few different setups for it and post here what I think should work for it. I think it’s a great idea for a situation, it just needs a lot of fiddling to get the inputs and outputs right (they always do).

I like the idea that Organised Crime could increase the situation.

It’s realistic and cruel to players at the same time! :mrgreen:

I’m nearly done balancing this, I might include a re-worded version of this in the next update of the game (1.11), in which case I’ll make a note of that here. it will have different effects, but the name will be the same. I presume you are ok with that? It’s a good idea for a situation.

That’s perfectly fine by me.

This situation is now included with 1.11


Original post edited to remove Mod file as it’s now obselete.