New Survival Missions

Could one or more future expansions include additional survival missions? Quite frankly, having only two makes them become quite predictable after awhile because you know what the next wave will look like at pretty much any point. Plus I’d like to try survival missions against races other than Empire and Alliance (though maybe survival vs. Tribe might be worth putting off for a while).

Plus I’d like to play a survival mode where I can call it lost by saying something other than:

A) Here comes the wave with all the EMP. (The Orion Ambush)

B) Here comes the fighter swarm that always gets me. (Encounter at Andromeda)

You can know any survival fleet just by looking up the text file.
What would be truly good would be custom survivals. Let there be points per round, you chose jump in locations and ships designs. Instead of the recently played tab in custom challanges, it will have a list of high scores.

Which does nothing for kluges like me who don’t like looking under the hood.

Think of it as the more efficant way of learning the waves, instead of sitting there staring at them for a few hours.

I prefer to learn the waves by blowing them up.