Autoupdate alternatives.

I switch PC’s on a regular basis and am not always at an internet connection. I bought the game and as a rule like put any game I purchase on a storage device. I was wondering if the updates came in a binary as opposed to the web update? I would like to include this update on my storage device so when I put this game on a new PC, I don’t have to be connected to the WWW to update it and play.

Also, great game so far! Big plus for me is not having to activate since switching HW often locks you out of a big share of games out there.

As I recall, with democracy everything gets dumped into the games folder, so you can just bulk copy the whole democracy folder onto another machine once it’s updated.

Sounds workable. The registry didn’t appear to hold anything critical and the file diff after the update seemed to be only bitmap and info files. The exe apparently does not change since it is running during the update hence cannot be changed.