Nice to have

Hi Guys,
i really love this game. I would really like to suggest some more features, that would really make this simulation even better. I work as a consultant for ages, started as an IT Ingenieur than ventured into Consulting, in the beginning ‘Production Line’ reminded me of my telcom simulators, they hadnt any graphics or animations, but i guess the logic is quite similar. Never the less, i did production in the car and medical industries, so i know a bit more about it.

The main issue with huge projects in the game is the ressource importer and the number of items. Because they are very limited in the scenarios the ‘waiting for ressources’ task taskes most of the production time. You can add more of them with the editor, but this results in a “kind of cheating” at least it was nice to benchmark my own setup and optimise it.

So my ideas for improvement:

  1. Instead of the ressource importer, each item (or item set for a station) should be bought as a contract from a bunch of suppliers. You can set a price, an amount and the contract could run for a specified period. That would allow people to plan and get enough items. It would result in desasters if you didn’t calculated well or if your production expands/changes.

  2. An overview of all production steps incl. of a time sheet when i design a new model would be great, it would show you the bottlenecks and also display the possible extras for each car…

  3. Am a QM Consultant, maybe its to technic, but watching the quality and improve certain steps in the production would be great for me. That would include the machines, materials and bought items from suppliers, it could also include the staff…

  4. I speak English and German fluent, could also add Swahili as a game language (lol), the interface for German isnt to good, many of my fellow countrymen really hate bad German, especially people that are interested in that kind of a “game” (its not a game!). So i would be happy to help…just let me know.

With kindest regards