some feedback !


a phpBB forum? Haven’t seen those in a while! :o)

I’ve been playing production line for about 12 hours now. Got to a point where it’s gotten trivial, with research rolling in fast and money even faster. I quite like what i’m seeing! I also have some feedback and since this is early access, i’d figure i share it.

so here’s some feedback in no particular order:

  • research needs to cool off! Why do i need to research a marketing department? Or in-car music? Or heater? Or the ability to “expand” I.E., sign a bloody lease? I’m all for researching more efficient techniques or better quality product. But basic car features or the ability to hire marketing ppl is a bit on the nose. Competitors need to cool off their research as well. They’re researching satnav and leather seats while i’m still trying to figure out how to dry the paint with slightly faster fans.

The tetris game of fitting various offices in the carpeted area is not really interesting either. you ARE going to lose floor space and you’re gonna set it once and not touch it again. I’d much rather set a budget and maybe buy some separate office as an upgrade.

  • retooling. The constant need to retool your assembly line with every other research is annoying and the tetris game of fitting hard-set shapes is as well. Here again i’d much rather set-up a zone sim-city style and deal with some size requirements as they come.

  • conveyors. I’m guessing they’re not finished like the rest of the game, but they’re finicky. They won’t change direction, connections are hit or miss.

  • ressource conveyor. They’re fine, we just need an easier way to clean them up.

  • destroy. a click’n drag selection of shit to destroy would be nice.

  • moving/rotating stations. i’d love for an option to move a station. Like, pick-up yo tools and shelves, and move 10m in THAT direction. It would relieve some of the retooling frustrations.

  • a save and quit feature. Seriously, ‘esc’ - ‘save and quit’. pls !

I can see this game scratching that logistic itch much like factorio does. Just with less bitters and guns. Glad i bought it and i’ll keep up to date!


I’d actually disagree with a lot of what you’ve said there as there’s a lot of features that you’ve slatted that I personally think for key parts of the game.

For example

For me this is a key part of the game that actually gives you gameplay into the later stages. It means that you have to forward plan, you have to leave space, you need to consider how much space there is for everything you want to fit. Yes eventually you’ll have placed and entire factory worth of slots and you don’t need to do anything, and at that point you’re probably near to a close of that game but I don’t want that to happen within 20 minutes. I’ve got 10+ hours out of the same level re-designing, expanding and trying to resolve the backlogs that start to form.

That competition gives you something to work and and try and keep up with. Otherwise you could just sit there for ages and not research anything. There would be no challenge without it. And in all reality you have a very long time before the event get to the stage of things being common and universal and needing to be fitted so it’s not an issue for a good while.

Yes I agree some things need ironing out but I don’t think how the gameplay works is one of them. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed someone suggest a change to either of the sections I’ve gone through above before.