[Suggestion] - Blueprints [Possible Bug -1.64] - All time Reporting?


First off, thanks for a fantastic experience ingame so far, really enjoying the game since I picked it up a few days ago (28hrs so far infact). Just wanted to add in a couple of suggestions from time played so far and also ask about a potential bug/ known “feature”.

[Suggestion] - Blueprints

Blueprints - Being an avid fan of Factorio, Prison Architect and many other Tycoon/ production games, one great feature of the majority of them is the ability to copy and paste areas to speed up building (especially in scenarios where your ripping up and replacing large areas at once), this I feel would be a great addition to the game and save players alot of frustration.

Example of somewhere this would help would be here Identical lines as you can see I’ve made 6 identical lines here that I’ve had to manually place each item when infact I wanted them to all be identical (even down to the "upgrades), having a copy/paste facility would make this so much easier for the player to do this.

Also for the inevitable rebuild of areas to copy an old line and move it would be greatly beneficial.

[Suggestion] - Staff needs/Shifts

Perhaps overkill but would add to realism, at present my Staff might aswell be robots as they have no needs/requirements in order to work 24hrs a day, gone are the days of slave labour in factories and all staff have to have allocated breaks, toilet facilities etc etc. Perhaps this could be introduced? Staff Strikes if needs aren’t met that also hits on business reputation/defects in cars?

Shifts that affect production costs (nights etc).

While perhaps an irritant for some, these might make the endgame a little more difficult as you wont be able to just sit back and let the factory run with all marketing at max as you’d still need to attend to staff requirements etc.

Heat/cold areas of the factory aswell perhaps?

[Suggestion] - Supplier Contracts

Would be great to be negotiate with suppliers for external components (Steel for example) so that I could guarentee my costs longer term with a supplier, this could also add ability for supplier component shortages etc (just as in real world)

[Possible Bug] - All time isn’t All time?

Picture says a thousand words


Had to use Loans in the early days (as most would) and as you can see there is a large chunk of cash overtime for Debt Repayment, but my All time costs = $0? It appears to only be the last 30hrs used on this chart ( I believe the overview also has same issue).

Is this a known expected feature and its just a “title” error? Or is the All time not actually using the “All time” as is thus a bug?

Anyways once again thanks for a fantastic experience thus far.

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