Not able to post a new challenge last night

I tried to post my first online challenge last night. It failed to post. It didn’t crash or anything, it just told me that it failed to post. :frowning:

I am able to download challenges fine. Do I need to add GSB to my firewall exceptions to post challenges?

If you can download, you should be able to upload. You do need to have your username and serial code entered for a challenge to be posted, other than that unless the server is down (and it hasn’t been AFAIK) it should work ok. Was this a one off or does it continue to give the same response? If so, email me at and I can investigate further

It worked fine for me last night. I have no idea why it failed before. Maybe an intermittent drop of my internet service.

Aha, thats good to hear. Hopefully it should be fine now then.