[Bug] Can't post challenges

I can’t post challenges! is there anything else to say?! I can play all of the other ones, I have gsb_tribe and gsb_base, and this is a plain, unmodded install. Help…? PLEASE!!!

And yes, i moved my previous files in mydocs somewhere else, so it’s as if i’m a new user.

Well, I’ve had such kind of problems because of my firewall, in the background it asked me if it should block an outgoing connection but the game did not minimize. But I think this is not your problem because you could post until now?

no, no, i couldn’t post challenges starting in… well over october, when i first got the game. and i don’t have any firewall window.

You have put in your user name and your serial code ok (jn other words, the game can connect online?) can you refresh the list of challenges and see ones from today. In other words, where exactly are you having problems.
Also, you seem to be having a number of issues which nobody else has. Are you sure your PC is free of any spyware/virus or hardware problems?

well, i already explained those installer problems (tried to put them in manually before) and the transitions and the width of 290 was caused by not enough vid memory. i have not a clue why this is happening. technically, when i post a challenge, it says it posted ok, but i cannot see it in the list of challenges, either when it’s to myself or anyone else. or everyone. this reminds me of someone a while back saying that ever since some patch (i forget which one) he couldn’t post challenges. i got this problem way before him, and… wait. i think it stopped working on the patch where the challenge window was re-designed. i’m not sure why, but i think that’s the problem. and no, i don’t have any viruses, and any hardware problems are within the game itself, not caused by my computer. I’m running a Mac with Crossover 8.0.1. Crossover Games 8 also has this problem, as do all the other emulation devices.

what the hell…? this is a pleasant surprise. i successfully posted a new challenge that says something about breaking through an imperial sector guard… just trying out the challenge editor i guess. :stuck_out_tongue: but it works! YAY! :smiley: EDIT: But maybe not to it’s fullest potential… I can’t post challenges to myself. :frowning: