OFFLINE Skirmish mode

I suggest making an offline skirmish mode, because a lot of people (like myself) pays for every minute he is in Internet. I think that wouldn´t be very difficult to make.

You can edit/add scenarios to your “campaign”. Just edit the files with a text editor to get some examples.

The problem with this is that is very time consuming.

I have asked for this before, but I would like a button in the deployment screen that would replace the standard enemy fleet with one you just deployed.

This way you can deploy a fleet, press this new button and immediately deploy another fleet to fight the first one.

Here here!
or is that Hear Hear?

Anyhow I second/third/fourth that suggestion.

I know there are other ways to fight yourself - I just think this would be easier.


I just make a blank scenario map where you can put your ships anywhere by copying and pasting the scenario I want and changing the deployment area and name inside the file.
Then, in GSB, I lay out the ships on the other side of the map like I want them, then save the deployment.
I open the deployment file (found in the My Games/gratuitous space battles/deployments folder, I think) in notepad, do a replace and replace “angle = 90” with “angle = 270” to turn them around.
Then I rename the deployment file to “aifleet_easy.txt” and overwrite the current deployment in the Program Files with my new one. Don’t forget to make a backup of the original. Start up that scenario and bang, your new enemy deployment is there.

Hope that helped. Although having this as a button would be good too.

Thanks for that tip. It does make it possible to challenge yourself even when you have no internet access.

However it is still a rather cumbersome process. Making it easier, like in my previous proposal, is the functionality I am missing the most in GSB.

Indeed I am part of those too who can’t be online all the time. I was disappointed to see that we have to log to play already downloaded battles, or to play against its own ones.
So, yes, I fell that it is required

Even though I have high-speed internet access, I would just like to quickly put ships on both sides to compare their performance. This would make the game much more useful for me.