OMG, Natural Antimatter Source Discovered
I was looking for more information about antimater and i found this, IN-CRE-DI-BLE!!!
I NEVER expected that!

agreed that was awesomely unexpectable!

but i never understood what antimatter was good for… could someone enlighten me?

Combining matter and anti-matter releases a huge amount of energy with no by-products (both of the things you’re adding are annihilated).

ah, so new energy source? then its a good thing.

exept we cant capture it and make any use of it yet, right?

Anti-matter created by us lasts almost no time at all before recombining with stray particles of matter or simply dissolving into energy (and when I say no time at all, I mean amounts of time so small we almost can’t tell we created it in the first place). If we could make it last longer then containing and controlling it should be easy enough as it is charged. In fact, the video showed that it followed the Earth’s magnetic field lines when travelling out into space.

(I haven’t checked sources recently, this is from memory.)

Yes, and i found how much:

“Mamma Mia”

What about make it? Well:



So, forget the idea about antimatter armageddon, for now…

And how we can find it?


YAY! apparently we will have future in space, but we need a higher technological level for travel to Jupiter without the crew go crazy. What about the CERN?

[size=85]CERN = European Organization for Nuclear Research[/size]




Cool stuff :smiley: