Under discussion now, but no dates as of yet.


Wow, I bought ver 1 last year and liked it. I tried the demo for v2 and loved it!!!

Sadly, I no longer can do online activations as a rule due to several past product “losses”.

I still play games I have had for over 5 years and am finding that some will not activate any longer.

I realize you don’t plan on going anywhere, but life has its surprises and the best intentions are not iron clad.

Lets say you wil the lotto and get a few hundred milllion. You close up shop and go to Tahiti and live 'appily evere 'after.

I am still out 25 bucks.


ps. I buy a ton of Matrix games. They don’t appear to be going under.


I’ve been around since 1997. Also, I’ll eventually release a patch that removes the activation. I urge you to reconsider your stance on online activations. Sadly, pretty much all games will end up working this way, due to piracy :frowning:


I’ve been doing allright with alternatives.

What would be cool though is if programs with activations could reliable sense that they were a couple of years old and automatically deactivate the protection so that when they are considered too old, or more likely cracked by then.

We are all in the soup since pirates force unacceptable costs on you as well as me. The field of economics teaches that higher costs mean lower demand. That is why the gaming market has collapsed for the small developers. You can’t sell it without hassling (a form of cost) the customer, and a percentage of customers drop out of the market from the hassles. Small developers need all they can get.

Matrix is the only distributer I buy from anymore. Their selection is limited, but I enjoy what I can get from them. And I know that they will still run a couple of years from now regardless on how many computers I have bought since then. I replace my systems every 6 months due to job.

I am not blaming anyone here, just airing my viewpoint. As a software developer, I do understand all points of view concerning protection. Its just a sad fact of life.



I like matrix games because they sell niche stuff, and heck, they sell Democracy 1 now, but my big big beef I have with their system is that generally they do not offer demos. Buying a game and worrying it won’t work in 2 years is one thing, but buying a niche game based on screen shots is another. They really need to offer demos :frowning:


Dear sir, you do work fast!

I bought the Democracy 1 game just in november after I read on this forum that the new version would not come for a long time (although I can’t quite find where I saw this…) but it apparently did and that is in a way a pity for me. :frowning:

At this moment, I don’t have a lot of money. I guess I’ll go try the Democracy 2 demo then…

If I could get a discount on the sequel (since it has only been two months) I would be very happy :smiley:
(I still have the mail with download link as proof of my purchase, ofcourse)

If not, I can imagine you need the money and I support the good cause of independent game-production, for you make very special games.

Anyway; keep up the good work, only not too fast :wink:


I’ll try and work slower :smiley:


Good evening.

Thanks for this great game! I bought it off your site on Sunday and did play it until now in all my free time. It is comparable to CivIV in its complexity, but it is a bit different.




Awesome game cliffski!

Last year I looked at the original democracy, but the demo wouldn’t work on my computer so I ignored it. After searching for information about the upcoming game “Political Machine 2008” I stumbled onto your site again and was surprised to see a sequel! I’ve been really enjoying the game, it’s so rare to find a game that fully indulges my political nerdiness. I hope you do really well and work on more sequels, it’s rare to find a developer (independent or not) willing to make a game out of politics.




Well I have no reservations buying, normally I am a bit wary about download only games, no ability to backup to CD and all but from what I sense, if my hard drive fails, Cliff will work it out with me. So lets see there is Kudos, Democracy 2, and I swear I saw two others I liked. Thank you for being honest and having the option to work things out in case of any problems on our end. So I shoot you over an order as soon as I work out how many. :smiley: Trust me piracy is out there, but there are some customers like me still. A dinosaur I know.

Hmmm…I wonder if I am taking gaming a bit too serious…what ever happened to sunshine? Its still out there right? No ones copy written out?

Thanx :smiley:


Okay I bought 4 with 2 more in my sights. Wow there was no DRM apparently thanks!!! Pays to be honest.

I bought

Democracy 2
Rock Legend
Starship Tycoon

Cheers Cliff



the world needs more gamers like you! :smiley:


From the look of those pictures, I’d say that gaming companies need more gamers like you!


Thanks for your post. It’s really useful .


Hello. I bought the game last year. I would like to know how can I do to download it again? I’ve lost the email with the link that was sent to me. I would like to know either how can I download the version for the Mac OS.
Thanks so much.


I’ve emailed you about this,