For all the details check out the beta-release and pre-order blog post here:

positech.co.uk/cliffsblog/2012/0 … rbeta-now/

Great news… will buy in a few hours, gotta wait for a friend to return from work to ask her if she wants it too (to use that 50% savings deal).
Probably a silly question: We won’t be able to activate it on Steam once it hits full release, will we? (For some games, it was possible to buy elsewhere and activate on steam, even if it wasn’t a requirement, and the various bundle sites (humble bundle, indie bundle and so on) usually provide Steam-Able codes, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask, maybe you’re making some kind of deal with them as well.)

yes, when the game is released on steam, everyone who already bought it will get a steam code :smiley:

Really? Awesome! Buying now.


And it’s everything that I hoped for.
Good job Cliffski!

If you squash those minor issues, this game will rule on a grand scale - and it’s so much more refined in every part than GSB.


been waiting for this for a loong time now

I bought this without even glancing at the price… You really could have gotten me there! So excited!!!

Pre-ordered, just as I did for GSB .

Haven’t launched the game yet, but I hope updates will be easy to retrieve (auto-updates from the game maybe? )

Awesome. I was worried a bit about how patching would work (if we’d have to redownload every time) but the auto-update feature that I just encountered was amazingly well done. quick and easy patching. Thanks for letting us play the beta.

Was about to buy it but being a poor student, VAT screwed me over royally. $23 fine, I love this kind of game but the VAT took it to $31 and there are no real bonuses to pre-ordering except for getting the beta. Not saying that you do not deserve the money, clearly a lot of effort went into this game. But still, a demo would be appreciated since it still looks like I won’t regret buying this.

Demo is on the todo list. VAT is a right pain, I don’t get any of it, just the government. Bah :frowning:

As I figured there is nothing you can do about the VAT, so that isn’t your fault obviously. Looking forward to the demo. Doesn’t have to be very big or anything. Just a very quick taste. I’m almost certain that I will enjoy it.