Our Fan Art

This is my own Fan Art hand drawings without changes, some of them are old, others are new, fell free to criticize and post YOUR drawings:

Federation Based Battleship (i make it today):

This is the OLD one… Its a Homeworld 2 space battle, the most played game ever by me. When i see this drawing i thought:
-“Oh My God, this is like Gratuitous Space Battles!!!”-
I drew it in 2007, at that time i didnt know GSB :open_mouth: (i started playing GSB in 2009)

Supreme Commander 2 based mechs:

My real name is Fernando, im from Argentina xD, my gamer name is Praetors and im 18 years old. (learning english, i really like it :D)
i can draw Mechs, Spaceships, Mithical Medieval Armours, Dragons, human Bodies (the face is my problem), and anything technological ;D

More drawings Coming! :smiley:

Man I don’t know how you draw so neat… I always find it easier to draw organic stuff than sharp edges.


Those are awesome.
I especially love the battleship! :slight_smile:

Wow! Very good!

Thx you all :smiley:
i will post more, i draw the battleship in the class room xD, just take to me 20Min.
again, thx to all

EDIT: this is the… tinny ugly one (for me)(i post it here because im limited to 3 urls per post)

Well… this drawings are a little based on End War elicopters, especially the winged one:

With Wings:

The big guy:

A little battle:

Some nice stuff, and you can use the perspective, too many people can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d recommend buying a tablet, some are as low a around 50€, and you can make some nasty stuff with them.

you mean this?:

i googled it xD

its a good idea, because the scanner is not perfect, it reduces or eliminates some effects, lines and things like that, depending the resolution selected for scan…
i never tried to use that tool, i will try it someday…

I also used to draw on paper, but quickly gave up when I got my tablet. It broke, but I’m so gonna replacing it asap. Here’s some of my amateur work.

OMFG, Epic Gallery, i really like your drawings, you have a great talent and imagination, you could be the designer of vehicles for any game!

this thread needs to be stickied…
and i need to start drawing stuff again :stuck_out_tongue:

Then i will change the topic name to “Our Fan Art”, tell me if you have a better name xD

Lol I build a Siege Tank.

woah, i like it, what program did you used?
One question, why almost all is transparent?

I actually build this in a game call Robot Arena 2 with DSL Mod, where you build robots out of parts. It’s almost like Legos but you can also drive/AI them afterward. Plus it’s free.

The transparency and neon light is a deliberate reskin on my part, because I like it all shiny and stuff.

Also made a splash for it rather than having 3 separate images.