[Outdated][Bug 1.10] z-ordering issues with resource conveyors

I was deleting and replacing resource conveyors when this appeared.

It still appears after reloading the game.

Attached savegame which reproduces problem.
zindex.zip (25.9 KB)

Check out the corners of the import conveyors, they have a similar graphical glitch.

Turns out the design engineer for our factory conveyors is August Mobius.

The overhead conveyers I’d expect to be z ordered infront of machines, but as per the below screenshot, this doesn’t always happen.

I Found two bugs and a game crash which may or may not have been addressed yet, I tried to look up these specific problems, but I could not find them in the ‘Bug Reports’ thread.

There is a visual bug where the blue overhead conveyor base pole clips through the red overhead conveyor when facing a South-west position, I also noticed this happens to a resource importer when connected to an overhead conveyor when the resource importer is placed on a north-east import window, see pictures below.

I hope this helps, if any other information is needed regarding my system or any explanation, I’ll be happy to help out.

Thanks for a great game so far, enjoying it immensely!

I told my friends of this game as well, hopefully you’ll have some more support coming your way, keep up the great work!