[Outdated][Bug 1.11] Cash overflows at $2,147,483,584

I did some testing, the display for cash will overflow at 2^31-64… while I’m not there yet based on where i am in my actual game it won’t be too hard to make it happen…

BTW… cash overflowing doesn’t seem to break anything else… everything ran fine afterwards and once the number dropped below the overflow point it worked normally again.

also during testing i noticed that the amount displayed is slightly off as you approach the overflow point… ±$64 is displayed from what it in the savegame file

Time for Cliff to release a 64 bit client so people can have even more unnecessary money… That or turn the cash value into a string instead of a 32 bit signed integer. :smiley:

was waiting for this to happen xD

I have now managed to overflow in an actual game… All time income has passed the $2.147 Billion mark

Took about 50 in-game days

Really weird stuff will happen sometimes in this save. I managed to save a version just before it hit overflow… every time i load it it reacts slightly different… for example: youtu.be/Muxzg_XZ6WE
Big v1.11 pre-overflow.xml.zip (1.57 MB)

that video is amazing!
1000 times more awesome than any robots in factorio hahaha

That was the first thing that was going through my head… an trying to remember how to record

Thought of a possible “solution” make it an Easter egg. Have a message pop up saying: Congratulations! broke the game

Although I’m not surprised I have not handled such huge crazysauce bank balances yet, I’m more disturbed by the floating resources. That should…not…be…possible.

No software survives first contact with the users…

I wanted to fix my 260 car per hour factory for 1.13 but ran into a problem.

Game will now crash when you try to load a save where you have overflowed the income.
I did some tests, my pre-overflow save from above will load fine without any issue, however, if you overflow it and save, it will then crash the game when you try to load it again

only error in the debug was this

22/3/2017 - 2::46 - Assertion failure:filename:..\src\GUI_TextureCache.cpp,linenum:25

Could you email me that save game? (or attach it here).