[Outdated][Not a Bug] Next Slot Not Found (due Conveyors facing the wrong way)

I second the idea of conveyors having no orientation. Since cars enter slots from one direction and exit from another, they’re always going to move down a conveyor in only one direction anyway.

Even if the slots would act as “One-Way” blocks there would still be situations where there could happen deadlocks with bi-directional conveyors… for example if you have 3 Fit Wheels and 3 Fit Tires Slots and each can go to each one then it might happen that the a Car from the far left Fit Wheels slot might want to go to the far right Fit Tires slot at the SAME time as a car that wants to go from the Far Right Fit Wheels slot to the Far Left Fit Tires slot (basically crossing over). If both cars would have to share the same conveyor belt to move from left to right/right to left then they might deadlock one another. So there would have to be some additional logic that “pre-reserves” a route and makes all other cars wait that want to go into opposite direction… but it could be done.

Actually I found this was a bug! With corner segments of conveyors not updating correctly and you would have to delete and replace them in order for the slot to be found.
Yes, this was in A1.10

The cars shouldn’t be doing their own pathing anyway. If I set up a split in the line, I expect that the first car will go one way, then the second the other way, and repeat. The fact that this doesn’t happen causes unnecessary loss of productivity until the line backs up.

I’ll grant that directionality does matter when you have two slots feeding into three, for example. More generally, it matters when you have conveyors merging. In this case, the player does need control over which are inputs and which are outputs.

what you have made is a splitter, not a conveyor

this is a splitter, that does this 50% split, then combines again

I’d just be happy if it gave the slot not found sorthe of warning above the conveyer that’s the wrong way

I agree with that. it should find where the line ends and maybe draw a red line from the car to the end of the line to show you the issue.

Two identical lines feeding single Export slot. Top line working fine (See car on conveyor in screenshot) bottom line giving Next slot not found!
I’m a total noob so sorry if I just did it wrong but far as I can see is connected same as line that is working fine.
Searched forum and did not see this.
Screenshot and save file attached.
Export hang-up.zip (605 KB)

Some of your conveyors are faced the wrong way. Look at the black/yellow arrows :slight_smile:

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This should be made a sticky.

Change the color of the arrow?
Red or yellow?

But then again, some people STILL won’t get it.

Make a tooltip for it like when you start a new game.

Or a tutorial?


I agree, there should probably be a yellow or red overlay of arrows when the Conveyor Tool is active which is showing which direction a conveyor is going… because it’s an ongoing issue.

You what would be awesome?
An animated conveyor with flashing lights that are flashing in the direction the conveyor is going, like the kind of lights that you see at an airport runway or something similar. One pair of lights at one end and another pair of lights on the other(very very small lights of course). And then when you lay it down, the “beginning” pair flash first followed by the “ending” pair.

Just a suggestion. I think would look cool when you have 5 or more of them lined up. Would look like one of those old style news tickers that you see in 1940’s movies.

Yikes, some great ideas here. yes…I really need to add this to my list!

The belt is facing the correct way yet insists that “next slot not found!”

Ignore the fact the belt is then broken when I relay it, that was my mistake. But no amount of removing the belt and relaying it and making sure it’s facing the correct way is helping.


Same problem.

I can’t connect from the dry finish to the Fit Power Train or Fit Engine

See game capture https://youtu.be/ASxCmNtlHHA

This is not a bug, you laid the path incorrectly.

To be more specific, the T junction splits to the sides while it should be a merge junction.

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I think adding an overlay for conveyors at higher zoom levels would help alleviate a lot of the issues people seem to be having with the conveyor directions.

when zoomed out