[Oversight 1.30] Well-regarded food manufacturer, Influence Tab, Game Options

The owner is complaining that they can’t compete because of the tax. So I checked the Junk Food Tax and they still don’t have a valid reason to complain as their earnings should cover this (Everyone’s income is roughly 50%) and poverty is on 0%. I suppose this is triggered because of the Plant Based Diet? Also the news itself has grammar mistakes and improper spacing, oops!

Also on the Influence Tab it appears that it has a very large layout space below (probably designed for Happiness Distribution) and then decides to display it a bit far from it… I believe that the statistic display lists should be exactly below Influences!

Lastly, the Full Desktop option isn’t at top how it was before, thank you!

@cliffski Ah, I see people are pinging you if there’s something regarding the game, if pinging bothers you, tell me! :hugs:

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The junk food tax might be super high! or maybe some clause in it means that they are being specifically damaged by it…
That media report is representative of a theoretical voter, not a specific one in the game. They may well not be in poverty, but perhaps they feel in relative poverty because their business was doing so amazingly before the tax was introduced.

Yup, that gap there is because on the other tab it will be filled with data, and I find it more pleasing to have the gap than the window size bounce around as a different tab gets selected.

I will eventually do another complete pass on grammar… :frowning:

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Ah ok! To let you know, the tax as shown in screenshot is 32% :hugs:

Oh also… the tax was there before I was even in power so, uh.

Well, thank you! I see potential errors with the game so I may be able to tell you about them. :hugs: