Patch 1.006 Feedback Thread

Enter your comments and thoughts specific to version 1.006 here…

[code]version 1.006

  1. Balanced the difficulty settings for all existing maps.
  2. Defensive AI is now much more intelligent regarding thinking ahead when choosing where to build turrets and place units.
  3. Improvements to AI tactics during end-game.
  4. Added 6 new defensive augmentations of armor shields and hitpoints.
  5. Design hitpoints are now displayed on the unit design screen.
  6. Tab key now cycles through player-design divisions and populates the deployment bar with them. Shift-tab goes backwards (try it, it’s awesome).
  7. Double clicking an icon on the division manager now swaps it between the two windows, rather than having to drag them each time.
  8. There are now progress bars under both the supplies and scores indicator, showing you approaching the supplies cap, and also the victory score level.
  9. Hulks of destroyed units now have a tooltip indicating what unit they are the remains of.
  10. You can no longer save out a custom unit with the exact same name as one of the sample units (which caused weird crashes and bugs).
  11. Added new feature: Airstrikes can be called down by the defender.
  12. When playing as defender, the deployment icon tooltips no longer display victory point values.[/code]

All this changes are great, but I feel like attacker doesn’t have as many fun things to play with as defender.

y attackers no get airstrike?

it’d make sense for attackers to want to soften a position up before assault

EDIT: also how to use airstrikes for defenders?

EDIT: oh… you unlock it

Found a typo… on the options screen, mouse over the map scroll speed and wait for the tooltip to come up. Observe the text “mosue”.

Also, bringing up the manual (from the main menu) causes the game to exit. Not sure if that’s intended behavior or not.

FYI, not sure if it’s relevant or not, but this is on 32-bit Windows 7 Professional with SP1 installed. Machine is a MacBook Pro.

It works that way on GSB so I believe that’s intended.

Thanks :smiley: Just fixed it!

I thought giving the attacker airstrikes would seem a bit unfair because the enemy positions are static and you have a guaranteed hit that way, although obviously that’s pretty true of real life, so I guess it could be an option.
I need to let people play with the current setup of airstrikes for a bit to see how the balance is before I change anything else.

I want to see the planes! And long range artillery would be nice for attacker to use as one time before attack begins, like WWI in reality.