Patch 1.11, beta only, let me know what you think

It’s a VIA S3G Unichrome 64mb AGP
I just updated the drivers for the display drivers and the graphics card and the title screen and activities screens are ok but the main screen is worse than ever - the card is only 3 years old, is that old?

its not massively old, but I think VIA’s drivers arent as good as they could be.

I’ve version “Final 1.09a” that I purchased from Positech (I bought and downloaded the program last year, but have not had an opportunity to use it since.) My program does not list the patches. Instead, I’ve found from your forum where they are located ( ). Questions arising from this:

  1. Is the program supposed to see the patches and advise me that they are ready for download?
  2. Are all of the patches installed sequentially, or is just the latest necessary? In other words, what is the procedure for installing patches?
  3. I see that appears as the latest patch, though I haven’t seen any references to it in the forum. Is this the newest patch that I would be downloading, or is it still being beta tested?

it sounds like you need to patch to 1.11, then from there you can apply 1.22, which is the latest copy.

Two Questions (one a follow-up, the other from a tangential thought process) Question 1 – Is there a PDF-file (or hardcopy book or webpage) that is provides guidelines on how ot use, modify, or explore Kudos? Question 2 --Has some thought been given to have a Monte Carlo simulator of a character’s future life? Depending upon how long one gave the computer to run through the possibilities, one could glance at alternative “futures”. I guess all depends upon how open-ended the development of a character’s life is in the program as to how useful such a feature would be.

There are some instructions on the website on how to mod the game, but there isn’t a printed manual of any sort at the moment. I’m not sure what you mean about forecsting ahead, you don’t really want to know all the possibilities do you? :smiley:

Half the fun in the game is finding out what happens when you do things, without knowing in advance.

No, I take that back. It’s perhaps 75% of the fun. :smiley:

depends on the kind of player you are. Me, I like to know some of the basic gameplay so that I don’t mistake a bug for a game feature, and then get confused when a friend with a different system doesn’t encounter it I’m also sure I’m not the only one who would like to know more hacking tips for the game. Oops! I meant modding; hacking is used in Sims for modifying objects i.e. changing say a chair to where it gives a higher comfort level or making a jukebox that pays you for dancing etc…