Patch to 1.12

Ok a patch from 1.11 to 1.12 is here:

you need to be at 1.11 first, but theres a new patch page now that explains it:

change list:

1.12 Fixed internet update scroll bug Faster refreshing on scrolling on updates page Mousewheel support for updates page Added option to disable composed backdrops Changed end year statistics to only count the previous year

If you have an older video card and you get corrupted backdrops, you can disable the advanced cleverness under options now.

I tried and it said patch failed

CRC failed, patching process has failed.

oh man… What was your version before the patch? 1.11?

I patched them all in order as they come out. I even tried re-patching 1.11 and then try to patch to 1.12 but that didnt work either.

Ok, try getting the 1.12 patch and doing it again, should work ok this time.

it works now. thanks

Just tried the 1.12 patch. I’m using 1.11a. Downloaded it, ran it–then got a CRC failure, and a notification that the patch failed.

Yeah. Going from 1.11a, the patch to 1.12 is repeatedly failing for me.

Dang, email me and I’ll sort out a re-download. That always works.