Patches and mods?

I have read that to get the patches and mods you have to email someone giving order number and all that…

However I’ve not bought the game on-line, I’ve bought it in a games store. How I can get the patches then?

This is a great game, specially if you play in the hardest level, and I’d like to be able to save the game once in a while. :slight_smile:

Your copy should save fine, and probably has an autosave does it not?
We dont yet have a patch for the retail version I’m afraid, although we will get one done at some point. The upgrade procress is not ideal, but our patches and upgrades are so frequent that its difficult to put together a patch that works on mutliple different language versions.

No, sadly it doesn’t work. The game is in english and I think it may be the same version available for download (via pay).

The game here in Spain was distibuted by “Punto Soft”, but as far as I know they don’t have released any patch and I don’t have been able to contact with them. Looks like their french mother company has gone bankrupt, so they may be a bit in disarray.

The fact that the problems in this version are the same some have pointed for the downloadable version makes me thing it’s the same version and your patch may work to solve them.

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unfortunately there is no patch yet, just full reinstalls, so we need to code a patch that requires the full version in order to run.
However, save games should certainly be working fine. I’m not aware of any save game crash bugs.

Ok. Thanks.