Patching Problems

I’m having problems with the autopatch system. Whenever the pach is downloaded kasper lab (my anti viruse) stopes it from autorunning and the patch files will not work manualy, not recognising that the game is instaled on my E drive, wondering if there is anything i can do to resulve my issues. have set antivirus to trust GSB and give it full freedom but i cant think of a way to get it to let the autopatch run.

The patch just gets downloaded to \mydocs\mygames\gsb\patches so you can run it manually.
What the incredibly super-advanced kapersky is doing is assuming that any program that exits and launches a different exe as it does so must be ‘teh evil virussssss’, which is a tad simplistic (to put it mildly).
I bet Norton internet paranoia/security has the same spasm over it. I hate that sort of software. :smiley:

got the patch to work thannks, ye the antivirus was whats blocking it working not the game install location.