Petrol Riots with 0 Motorists?

I was having problems with Petrol Riots in the first simulation. I examined the Petrol Tax screen, and there was no value at all for Income or Cost. This puzzled me, so I went and checked how many motorists were in the country, and I found out there were zero. Should there be some sort of check to see if there are any motorists in the country before Petrol Riots break Out? I can duplicate this fairly regularly, so if you need a save game with this issue, let me know and I can create one and send it to you.

are you up to date with the latest patch? 1.20 came out a few days ago…

best to make sure thats outta the way before anything else methinks

I just got the same error using Patch 1.21 today. I started up an Unlimited Political Capital game, just to get the conditions right quicker. A few turns into the game, I had no motorists in the country (and no income from the car tax either, which makes sense…) and a Petrol Protest. Any thoughts?

I don’t think that at present there is any way of preventing this situation arising when there is no car usage.

Is there a place to submit a bug report for this, or does this thread count as one? :slight_smile:

This thread counts as one. Cliff checks this forum regularly so I’m sure that he will see it here.

This happens to me too. Although I think that this opens up a different argument. “What happens when there’s no motorists?”
Do people still protest because they can’t drive? how do people get to work? can there be NO MOTORISTS without banning automobiles? or alternate transportation (at least a monorail)?

I don’t know, but I was very surprised to find that I had no motorists at all. I guess everyone took the bus or biked to work? The monorail is something that I usually don’t invest in because it’s awfully expensive and has very little benefit.

I’d like to know if there’s a way to stop voter-groups disapearing, because which country has 0 motorist, 0 drinkers, and 0 smokers? Even if you banned drinking or smoking, people would still do it!
I’ve modded it so that the less motorists, the less riot, sort of like with the terrorism. Eg
That means if no motorist=this would reduce the sitution by -0.25