Police positively affect crime?

Please help me understand something- I am not sure whether this is a bug or not. I just bought Democracy 2 and am playing in the Malanga simulation. While in the demo, a strong police force negatively affected the crime rate, in this version, the police force has a positive affect on crime (whereas community policing has a negative affect). This must be a bug?

The police force is an uncancellable policy, for technical reasons, so the policy is designed so that extremely low levels of police equate to a rise in crime, and higher levels equate to a reduction in crime, with some ‘minimal’ policing being required to achieve the zero effect status quo. It’s possible this could have been configured better. It should certainly be identical in the demo and full version though.

Thanks. I realized that not doing enough could hurt. I just didn’t realize the interface was showing me what was hurting in real time. I figured the affect police have on crime would always show green.