Power Incorrectly calculated

It seems that the last update changed the way the designer sees power available/consumed. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it okay to have the exact amount supplied as was used? Now however it is saying that designs with the same amounts are invalid.

Here’s the build that I discovered this on…
Swarm Isis Cruiser Hull
Cruiser Rocket Launcher x6
Swarm Disrupter Beam x1
Fast Recharge Shields x5
Crew Module II
Reinforced Powerplant II x2

114.0 Power Produced
114.0 Power Consumed

Was this intentional, or was it just a side effect of the ship designer changes in the last patch?

I assume you mean two Reinforced Powerplant IIs.

Assuming that’s the case, I have just reproduced this.

Yep, this is what I get for trying to communicate at 3am…

This is a bug, but not a enw one, I just reproduced it in 1.39. Its actually a graphical mismatch. You will notice you can still save the design. Basically different calculations are happening between the red bar code and the ‘is this ship valid’ code.
I’ll fix it for the next patch.
I was really hoping I didn’t need another patch :frowning:

Ha! Dream on!

it was in 1.38 too but as cliffski said you can save your design even when it is flashing red

Eh, the fact that it’s (effectively) only visual means that unless some major bug shows up soon, you can put off that patch for a little while.

It bugged me enough that it was (afaik) fixed in 1.42