Praise, suggestion and crash!

So, about a week ago, I saw this game on Steam with that huge discount and it sparked something on me, specially looking at those beautiful Swarm ships. I had tried this game when it launched, but it gave me an error whenever I tried to launch it. Since then, I formatted this PC and updated EVERYTHING! So, I rushed to download it and WOAH! It ran, perfectly! (I though at the moment).

So I bough the whole pack and read the entire manual and everything and went to play. This game is seriously GREAT! I loved how pretty and useful the interface is, with tooltips in everything and so on. The graphics also looks great and it’s wonderful that it runs here flawlessly. I had the missing sounds problems, but I fixed it by turning my sound card acceleration to basic, and it solved my problem. Everything seemed all perfect, except for one thing: the resolution.

You see, in this computer, my “optimal” resolution is 1024x768, and thankfully the game is compatible with it. Also everything seemed to be all good until I noticed that lots of things have the text cut out simply because of the resolution. During the battles, lots of comments the pilots mades ends up with (…) and I can’t properly understand it. Also, when I tried to issue an order before battle last night, to some of my fighters, I don’t remember the exact name (Protector, Formation) but on one of those, there was a text box with missing text also, which kept me wondering what information exactly I was missing. I would LOVE if you could, somehow, fix that in a patch (if possible). That way you could say that the game was completely compatible with the x768 resolution.

And, last night, I had a bug and a crash!
It was on the “Chaos…” mission, and I set all my orders and went to battle. During one point of battle, I had 30% and the enemy 20%, and so my four cruisers went to attack the remaing enemy cruisers. Well, things didn’t seem to go anywhere on that battle. My cruisers kept attackign the enemy with lasers, but none of them actually penetrated the enemy shield. The enemy ocasionally would use EMP on me, but it wasn’t fast enough to attack me while I had the shield disabled, and so it went one, with neither side daming (nor moving!) each other. I clicked to fast foward the game to 4x, and it made the game completely mute (even after I returned to 1x), and so I left the game by himself while I doing something else. I clearly remember reading in the manual that after some time, the battle would end and the one with the higher porcentage would win. How much time should I have to wait? I waited for like 30 minutes, and nothing happened. So I was about to go sleep, I tried clicking with the right mouse button on the screen, and on that “Admit Defeat” button, and my entire computer rebooted. Yeah, pretty scary. When the Windows restarted, it also gave me the error message “The windows recovered itself from an error” (or something like that).

And, that’s it! Sorry for posting here, but I didn’t know where to post this.

Hi, Balthier, and welcome to the GSB forums. I strongly suggest you let Cliffski, the designer, know about this. We have a Support forum for posts reporting game crashes, stalls, and other unspecified weirdness affecting normal gameplay. Thanks. :slight_smile:

this sounds RAM related. Its possible your PC just run out of RAM if you let a battle run on endlessly. The battles have a number of safeguards to prevent them getting stuck forever, but depending on the exact circumstances, it can sometiems still not delcare victory either way. I should add a catch-all time limit and declare a winner to catch those (quite rare) instances.
The game can’t easily be patched to make everything fit into 1024x768 because there just literally isn’t enough room on screen for everything that way :frowning:

Try testing your memory with MemTest86. You can download a bootable copy from

If you find errors with your memory your memory is likely faulty and will need replacement by the memory manufacturer.

Well, thank you for the fast replies!!

Today I played the game again, and thankfully my savegame (and flee status) was intact. I disabled the option for the fast sound thingy and it seemed to help me when I turned the battle to 4x. Also, I replayed that mission 2 times (lost the first time) and ended up winning in like 2 or 3 minutes, with just changing some tactics and adding a plasma launcher to my cruisers!

By the way, thank you for the response Cliffski! I figured out what exactly I meant in the “Escort” order, it’s the name of the ship that was too big to fit there. So there is no buttons so far with missing text, thank goodness for that.
The only thing I miss now is the ability to proper read the crew text in the battle. Maybe some tooltips to show the entire thing?